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Troy R on Jan 16th 2010

"My name is Troy and I have been using grape seed extract for approximately 3 months now - usually two to three capsules per day. I initially had began the product more so as a preventative of disease than for any other reason - but I am happy to say that even though I felt good at the time, now days I feel much better! I am not sure if it is the grape seed supplement, but as I have had no other variables in my diet since then, I cannot imagine it to be anything else? Thankyou for the great product."



Stephanie on Feb 16th 2010

"Hello, I would like to say thanks for the great grape seed product that you guys supply. I am in my late 50's and have had circulation issues over the years, especially in my lower legs and also in my hands. I have never smoked or lived a life that was high risk for CHD, so feel quite unlucky with it all! Anyways, I was given the grape seed extract by my daughter as she had read about it helping people like me. Sure enough, within a period of about 8 weeks I began to notice greater feeling returning to my extremities - not to mention a better colour! good work guys."



Samantha J on 25th Jan 2010

"To whom it may concern

For many years now my energy levels have been less than what I would like, and my husband now believes that it was a bout of Ross River Fever that I picked up many years ago in the tropics. Since taking the OPC 98 grape seed capsules things seem to have at least in some part turned around, and I can exercise again! Anyone who is forced to sit about like an invalid knows just how debilitating this can become for both spirit and soul - so many thanks to you for providing such a product."



Richard C. on Nov 15th 2009

"About three years ago now I was fortunate to suffer from a minor heart attack. I say fortunate because in hind site it was just a matter of time before I was ready to pop - so to have a little one is more so a wake up call than a death sentence. At that time my blood pressure was dangerously high (approx 155 / 115), was on cholesterol lowering statin medication - not to mention what else! Anyways, after the episode I was so frightened by my own mortality that I began to exercise more, eat less, and supplement also. My doctor now tells me that my blood pressure is as it should be for my age (120 / 80), that the inflammation markers from my blood are virtually gone, and that my biogical age has been reduced by about 10 years. I know that some of this can be attributed to the grape seed extract that I now take diligently every day - I cannot be certain, but this is how it feels.


ps... I forgot to say, but my eye site has also markedly improved, I am feeling better every day!"



Tracy H. on Oct 27th 2009


"I am an elderly person who lives at home and is 73. For many years my vision has gotten worse, and this has become more and more of a problem as I value my independance more than anything else at this stage in my life. I heard about this grape seed from a dear old friend of mine that said he had benefits with these pills. I have now been using them and can report that my vision is improving, also my circulation and energy levels. I am grateful for this sterling product."