Grape seed extract (OPC's) has proven itself to be a very powerful product over the last few years, and can support the body in a number of ways;

 Grape Seed Extract - One of Nature's Little Secrets...            

A powerful cardiac supporter  

Reduces free radical activity within thebody

Supports brain and eye health 

Assists blood sugar regulation and diabetes 

Protects against collagen & elastin breakdown 


 Grape seed extract is a poly - phenolic compound that is unusually high in plant flavonoids called oligomeric procyanidins, better known as OPCs. Although these polyphenolic compounds are found in many foods we eat such as peanuts, berries, grapes and purple grape juice, there just isn't the concentration necessary of these powerful antioxidants to make a difference to our health - until now!

It has long been known that the French tend to live an unusally healthy and long life - even though their diet is rich in saturated fats and alcahol, namely red wine. Only recently has it become known to researchers and scientists alike that the active poly - phenolic compounds within red wine are the key to unravelling this long kept mystery.

Initially the active OPC coumpounds were tested on lower forms of life such as yeast and fast reproducing fruit flies, and needless to say, the OPC's didn't dissappoint! Cellular breakdown and DNA degredation was reduced by as much as 30%, but more importantly subsequent testing with mammals and finally humans resulted in similar results. Learn more about how grapeseed extract can assist with your health...

What's even more interesting to note is that much of the damage that takes place within our bodies is driven by oxidative stress, brought about by unchecked free radical activity. Being the biological vessels that we are, much of the aging that occurs within us is due to collagen beginning to cross link, and this happens in our skin, between our organs and within our vascular system. If you suffer from circulation / blood sugar issues, then there is a strong chance your body is lacking in the antioxidant department, whilst at the same time being in a high level state of inflammation.


What Makes Our Grape Seed Formulation Better Than Most?

  • Our product is made from the Muscadine Grape seed (vitus Rotundifolia) and delivers an average of 500mg per serving. Very few competitors can offer an ORAC rating of 30,500 ┬Ám/100 g per serving. This grape seed extract has up to 40 times the polyphenolic antioxidant activity of other formulations!

  • Our grape seed product is sourced from a GMP certified and HACCP approved company. Quality is thus gauranteed with our product.    
  • We do not use fillers within our grapeseed product - so no quercetin, silica, oatbran, glidants, and other such ingredients. This makes for a higher quality preparation, but a more difficult capsule to produce. 


One of the most powerful and effective pure grapeseed products available in Australia.



  "How can one protect themselves against cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and cancer, improve your athletic endurance, and sustain a balanced life? The Longevity Factor is the foremost summary on anti aging and the disease preventing qualities to date." Robert M. Goldman., Ph.D., D.O., FAASP: chairman, World Academy of Anti - Aging Medicine.


      Why Grape seed is a "Must Use" Supplement


One of the main reasons grape seed extract OPC has become so popular amongst scientists and consumers alike is due to the very wide spectrum of nutrients that it contains. This vast array of health giving nutrients include protein, lipids and carbohydrates - but most importantly the polyphenols. As mentioned earlier, weight for weight, grape seed extract has an anti-oxidant rating that is high - very high in fact. As it stands, it is 50 times more powerful an anti oxidant than vitamin E and 20 times more powerful than even vitamin C! 

  • As much of the foods we consume of late are virtually bereft of the nutrients we require, it almost is becoming mandatory to supplement in order to maintain health. It has long been known that these polyphenols act as "nature's biological response modifiers" as they have the ability to assist the body combat allergens, viruses and various carcinogens. 
  • Grape seed concentrate (OPC) is also known to contain high levels of procyanidins, and are well  known to bestow anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and anti-arthritic qualities, thus preventing the rate at which our skin and collagen ages. Only compounds with a very high ORAC rating (a metric  of measuring free radical scavenging ability), can make such claims. If you have health 
  • Interestingly enough, grape seed extract contains substantial amounts of an amazing compound called  trans -resveratrol, a compound that has been shown to actively turn off the aging gene within the body (SIRT1 gene), and is currently being researched by big pharma and scientists alike. Studies so far that included mice and rheuss monkeys show on average a life span increase of 35% - studies are now including humans also. 

What this suggests for the common person is that by supplementing with a good quality grape seed extract is that our health can be assisted in numerous ways, with recent studies now demonstrating many modern day pathologies such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure - as well as visible signs of aging can be kept under control, and in some cases even reversed!

Grape seed extract (OPCs) is quickly becoming recognized by many reseachers and consumers alike to be a food supplement that is well worth taking...




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